UPVC Vertical Sliding Windows V Timber Sliding Windows

Absolute No Brainer?

😊                Looks                  😊

😊                Security               😊

😊          Noise Pollution         😒

😊 Functionality & Cleaning 😒

😊             Maintenance          😒

  1. We have both types of windows in our showroom and one of the things I say to people is “you wouldn’t believe that is timber” the majority of people are surprised by this. A high quality Timber Vertical Sliding Window that has had a spray paint finish looks very similar to a UPVC Vertical Sliding Window. Both windows achieve An A rating for thermal performance.
  2. The Security of both windows is the same as they both use the same locks as each other.
  3. Noise pollution can be addressed more easily with the UPVC Vertical Sliding Windows as the rebate is a lot deeper, thus allowing for the use of different gauges and types of glass. A heavier gauge of glass combined with a Laminate glass has better acoustic qualities.
  4. The UPVC Vertical Sliding Window really starts to outperform the Timber Vertical Sliding Window on function and cleaning as both windows slide up and down; the UPVC Vertical Sliding Window can tilt inwards. This allows greater access for cleaning the outside of the windows from the inside of the house.
  5. Maintenance is a big difference. The UPVC Vertical sliding Window requires cleaning and a spray of lubricant on the springs and catches twice a year. The Timber Vertical Sliding Window will require painting every two years. The tradesperson will have to be exceptional as the paint will build up over the years and prevent the windows from opening smoothly. Applying paint in the hard to reach areas will also increase the likelihood of rotten timber occurring.
  6. Complying with Building Control & Planning Permission? Most Authorities allow UPVC Vertical Sliding Windows in the majority of Conservation areas; however there is still some that do require the use of Timber Vertical Sliding Windows.