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When it comes to protecting your home and loved ones, your door lock is ultimately the most important component of your home security system. The majority of the uPVC and Composite Doors used in many households across the United Kingdom are fitted with a Euro Cylinder.

The Euro Cylinder locks the doors Centre case/Gear Box which engages the lock into the keep. Euro Cylinders can be operated from a range of keys. Edge-cut keys are usually associated with older Euro Cylinders and lower end security Euro Cylinders, but there are as many 3 Star Euro Cylinders with a edge key as dimple keys which are associated as more expensive 3 Star Euro Cylinders, high end high security Euro Cylinders.

The difference between these two types of keys lies within how the keys are cut. Edge-cut keys use the shape of the lower edge of the key to operate the Euro Cylinder and can be cut using most key-cutting machines with ease.

On the other hand, dimple keys rely on the depths of multiple dimples drilled in a unique combination to operate the Euro Cylinder. Dimple keys can only be cut by a professional key cutting machine being operated by a trained Locksmith.

Vault NW can cut all types of keys including dimple, edge-cut and mortise using our state-of-the-art key cutting machine – The Silica Futura Pro Key Cutting Machine.

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If you’re looking to replace your existing Euro Cylinder, then Vault NW offers a diverse range which caters for all your home security requirements no matter what your budget may be.

From our high security TS007 3-Star Euro Cylinders to our Anti-Pick, Anti-Bump and Anti-Drill budget Euro Cylinders, Vault NW has you covered when you’re in the market for a Door Lock.

Home Security Improvements

Burglars these days are using Euro Cylinders as the primary route to gain access into your property quickly and quietly. Using a technique known as Euro Cylinder snapping, burglars are able to gain entry to your home in double quick time, almost as fast as using a key.

Many old budget Euro Cylinders that are installed on the vast majority of properties across Liverpool and the UK simply can’t prevent Euro Cylinder Snapping attack. Therefore, in recent years, security companies such as Yale, Ultion and ERA have invested heavily into ensuring their Euro Cylinders can prevent against Lock Snapping. – Anti-snap.

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Star Rating

Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) has introduced a TS007 star rating system which provides the criteria for security companies manufacturing high security hardware. A 3 Star rating is the highest possible rating any security hardware can obtain whereas a 1 Star rating is the lowest.

Many budget ranges do not have the security features to obtain a star rating however, Vault NW budget Euro Cylinders are still equipped with Anti-Pick, Anti-Drill and Anti-Bump Security Features and are an excellent choice when you’re looking for a Euro Cylinder whilst being on a budget.

3 Star

Anti-Pick, Anti-Bump, Anti-Screw, Anti-Drill and Anti-Pull.

A TS007 3 Star Euro Cylinder is the highest grade of Euro Cylinder money can buy.

Vault NW offers 3 Star Euro Cylinders from both Yale and Ultion, two of the biggest players in the security industry, at a competitive price. Along with the 3 Star Kitemark printed on each end of the Euro Cylinder which acts as a visual deterrent to burglars, our 3 Star Euro Cylinders come equipped with the following security features:

Anti-Snap – Using the latest technology, Yale and Ultion have been able to engineer a Euro Cylinder with a Sacrificial Joint that is designed to lockdown and Isolate the Euro Cylinder when it detects a burglar attempting to force entry.

After an attempt is made to snap a 3 Star cylinder, the cylinder will fight back and go into lock down mode! Lock down mode is a security feature within the lock that prevents the cam in the lock being turned. The cam is the actuator that unlocks the door mechanism.

Once the Euro cylinder has gone into Lock Down mode the only way to open the door is by using the key.

This is the big difference between a 1 Star Euro Cylinder and a 3 Star Euro Cylinder. Robust Design and superior strength Obtains ‘Secured by Design’ accreditation by Police (A well respected British standard by home insurance companies) Operated by high security stylish dimple keys Anti-Pick, Anti-Bump, Anti-Screw, Anti-Drill and Anti-Pull.

1 Star

protects and upgrades

Vault NW also offers 1 Star High Security Euro Cylinders from another industry leading security company – UAP.

These Euro Cylinders come equipped with the majority of the features a 3 Star Euro Cylinder has, however there is a compromise in the ability of the Euro Cylinder when resisting against attack. Our 1 Star Euro Cylinders are perfect for when you still want the luxury of having an Anti Snap Euro Cylinder but don’t want to break the bank.

Our 1 Star Euro Cylinders are extremely popular with landlords due to their low cost and exceptional security features making them excellent value for money. Combining a 1 Star Euro Cylinder with a 2 Star Security will also give your door lock a 3 Star rating.

The Mila Prosecure Door handle not only protects and upgrades the security of your door it also looks good! Making your front door look great, the entrance to your castle.

Keyed Alike Service

Keep your number of keys to a minimum

Why not keep the number of keys on your key ring to a minimum by investing in our Keyed Alike Service? This service enables you to unlock every door in your house using the same key, regardless of the specification of each lock. Whether it be a Euro Cylinder, Rim Cylinder or Sash Lock our Professional Liverpool Locksmiths can calibrate all of your locks so that one key can operate all of your locks.

Give us a call today to enquire over our keyed alike and cheap Locksmith Prices. Key alike cylinders make life easier for you but still maintain the security of your home. How many times have you gone to open a door and not had the correct key to hand? If you’re like me, lots of times, keying alike your cylinder will prevent this annoyance, reduce the amount of keys on your key ring and reduce the amount of spare keys you keep. Key alike will save you money and time in the long run.

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Thumb Turn Vs Key-Key

All of the Euro Cylinders that Vault NW provides come in both Thumb Turn and Key-Key options. Each of which have their own respective advantages.

A conventional key-key Euro Cylinder is operated by a key both internally and externally, on the other hand, a Thumb Turn Euro Cylinder is operated by turning a Thumb Turn on the inside of your property, a key is only required to lock the door from the outside. Thumb Turn Euro Cylinders are becoming ever more popular due to their convenience and practicality.

What are the advantages of a Thumb Turn Euro Cylinder? Leaving a key on the inside of your Euro cylinder will prevent it operating from the outside, effectively locking you out of your home if your door works on a Lever Pad system. Forcing your key to turn while there is a key in the other side of the lock will damage your lock and will require a new Euro Cylinder.

A Thumb Turn will prevent this happening and save you the cost of a new lock or worse, the expensive cost of an emergency call out of a Locksmith. Fire escape is another massive advantage that a Thumb Turn has over Key-Key Euro Cylinder. Being able to escape from your home in the event of fire without having to rummage around for key is an obvious and very important advantage a Thumb Turn Euro Cylinder has over a Key-Key.

The only concern is making sure that any glazed areas within arm’s length of the Thumb Turn are glazed with Laminated Security Glass. This will prevent a burglar breaking the glass and reaching in to operate the lock


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