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With over 20 years’ experience, Vault NW offers a fast and reliable service catering for all of your home security and Locksmith requirements.

Based on Picton Road (Locksmith) and Smithdown Place (Window & Door Showroom), Vault NW is situated in the heart of Liverpool with excellent transport links across Merseyside, making our locksmith shop easily accessible wherever you’re located and ideal if you require a Locksmith near me. Vault NW also provides a Mobile Locksmith Service for when you have lost your keys or mistakenly locked yourself out.

If you find yourself in an unfortunate position such as these, simply give us a call and we aim to have you back in your property within an hour depending on your location.

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Locksmith Liverpool

Home Security Improvements

As burglaries are consistently on the rise, you may want to invest in some high security hardware to help protect you and your loved ones. Vault NW offers a wide range of high security hardware catering for all your home security requirements at the lowest price.

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Burglars these days are using Euro Cylinders as the primary route to gain access into your property quickly and quietly. Using a technique known as Euro Cylinder snapping, burglars are able to gain entry to your home in a shorter time than it takes using the key. Many old budget Euro Cylinders that are installed on the vast majority of properties across Liverpool and the UK simply can’t resist against Euro Cylinder Snapping.

Therefore, in recent years, security companies such as Yale, Ultion and ERA have invested heavily into ensuring their Euro Cylinders can resist against Snapping. – Anti-snap. If you haven’t changed your Euro Cylinder for a while, and feel it may be vulnerable to Euro Cylinder snapping, then why not opt for our 3-Star Anti-snap, Anti-pick, Anti-bump, Anti-drill and Anti-screw high security Euro Cylinders from industry leading brands such as Yale and Ultion.

These Euro Cylinders alone give your home a 3-star security rating (the highest possible security rating) and drastically improve the security of your home without breaking the bank. All of our 3-Star Anti-snap Euro Cylinders come as standard with 3 high security dimple keys (extra keys available) which can only be cut using a professional key cutting Machine being operated by a professional Locksmith, unlike standard edge-cut conventional keys.

If you want to keep your costs to a minimum, Vault NW also offers 1-Star Anti-snap Euro Cylinders from UAP. These Euro Cylinders still offer excellent protection against Euro Cylinder Snapping at a reduced cost. A 1 Star Anti Snap Euro Cylinder is a great alternative if you’re on a budget or you have multiple properties to protect

Emergency Locksmith

If you have lost your keys or become locked out of your property, simply give us a call on 0151 733 6100 and we’ll get you back into your property in next to no time for the cheapest price via our Emergency Locksmith Liverpool Service.

All Vault NW Locksmiths are highly qualified professional locksmiths with over 20 years’ experience ensuring you receive the high-quality service you deserve. Our Liverpool locksmiths will always use the least expensive method possible to gain access to your property however; this can vary depending on your home security set-up. If your lock needs to be dismantled, all our locksmiths carry a wide range of replacement locks from a budget range to an industry leading high security range.

Extra keys can also be cut for a small cost using our state-of-the-art Silica Futura Pro Key-cutting machine – The most advanced key cutting machine on the market

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Vault NW offers a premium professional key cutting service using our state-of-the-art Silica Futura Pro key cutting machine.

Duplicate keys can be cut using a variety of different methods including keys cut to code and keys cut to copy.

Key cutting to code is perfect for high security dimple keys, as only a professional key-cutting machine has the required data embedded within its software to depict your key code (usually supplied by manufacturer at time of purchase) and produce an identical duplicate on our high quality, genuine key blanks.

Having keys cut to code, also saves you the journey to our Liverpool Locksmith Shop, as you can get your new keys sent to you via Royal Mail First Class Delivery. (We advise that you have your new keys sent to a different address than the address the keys are coded to)

Key cutting to copy is ideal for when we are your local locksmith and you have the key in question to hand.

Simply come into our Liverpool Locksmith Shop and our professional key cutting machine can scan your key in seconds and produce an identical duplicate for the lowest price

Keyed Alike Service

Keep your number of keys to a minimum

Why not keep the number of keys on your key-ring to a minimum by investing in our Keyed-Alike Service? This service enables you to unlock every door in your house using the same key, regardless of the specification of each lock.

Whether it be a Euro Cylinder, Rim Cylinder or Sash Lock our Professional Liverpool Locksmiths can calibrate all of your locks so that one key can operate all of your locks. Give us a call today to enquire over our keyed alike and cheap Locksmith Prices.

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Door Handles

Fitting a sturdy and secure set of door handles to your exterior doors, is another cheap and effective way to significantly increase your home security.

Vault NW offers a wide range of heavy duty, high security and stylish exterior door handles from market leading brands such as MILA, Hoppe and Vita in various styles and sizes. Our stylish 2-Star high security Pro-Secure door handles come equipped with the latest innovative security features to help resist against a variety of known methods burglars use to gain entry to your home via your exterior doors.

Some of the features include:

    •  Anti-Grip — Chamfered Backplate Shoulders preventing burglars from using mole-grippers to remove the handle and gain access to your home.
    • Anti-Drill — Rotating disk shields the cylinder face from attack by preventing the drill bit from penetrating the Euro Cylinder.
    • Reinforced Steel and Zinc alloy casing — Technology concealed within the standard backplate provides stability and strong resistance against an attack.

Anti-snap Integrated Euro Cylinder Guard — Visible within the raised backplate design, encases the Euro Cylinder and is proven to protect it from attack.

Combining all of the above features gives the Pro-Secure door handles from MILA a 2-Star security rating and a Secured By Design Accreditation. By coupling our Pro-Secure door handles with our UAP 1-Star Euro Cylinders, your home security system will obtain a 3-Star security rating – the highest possible home security rating.


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