Patio Doors

Our in-line sliding patio doors are ideal for use on front porches, rear lounges, or even as part of a conservatory. They are available in various colours options. As with our other products they are reinforced using steel. All our patio doors come with a hook bolt locking system, which also aids the anti lift device.

Taking the security on patio doors to a new level. The result is an uninterrupted view of your garden and beyond. Sliding doors create what is effectively a movable glass wall and they suit any property, regardless of age or style.

Sliding doors can be used to replace any door and can match all of our window options. All our in- line sliding patio doors are glazed using toughened, kite marked safety glass to meet glass and glazing standards.

Glide open to welcome in the fresh air, and slide smoothly to shut out the worst of the elements.