Composite Doors

In recent years, Composite Doors have transformed the Exterior Door Industry. When it comes to safety, security and style, Composite Doors are consistently being chosen by consumers over the more conventional uPVC doors that we have become so used to seeing. Their sturdy and robust structure helps to withstand against extreme stresses and strains when resisting an attack by a burglar whilst, their sleek, stylish and versatile design, significantly improves the appearance of your home.

Unlike uPVC doors which are constructed purely from plastic, Composite Doors are highly resistant to cracking, bending or warping and in addition to this, as Composite Doors don’t contain any wood; they are impervious to water preventing any swelling from occurring.

Composite Doors are fabricated from a selection of materials with a variety of advantages which are combined to produce a strong and durable door slab, perfect for a first line of defence for your home. If you want the maximum level of security from your Exterior Doors, look no further than a HomeFrame Composite Door.

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Here at Vault NW we offer the widest selection Composite Doors under one roof in Liverpool in addition to a Professional Locksmith and Key Cutting Service. No matter what your budget is, we’ll have your dream door design in our Composite Door and Window Showroom.

From our top of the range Rock Door Ultimate Composite Doors, to our stylish and expertly crafted HomeFrame Composite Doors, the choice is endless and will not be beaten across Liverpool.

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How to Maintain HomeFrame Composite Doors

It doesn’t get much easier to maintain your new Composite Door; a good wash down is the main maintenance chore that is required.

The lock will require a few drops of oil on the moving parts once a year and that is pretty much it. Composite doors come with the colour finish; this finish is guaranteed for 10 years. No need for painting every two years like timber doors, which will save you a lot of money over the years. Good quality professional Painters & Decorators don’t come cheap and the build of paint over the year will have an effect on the performance of a door.

The 3D door hinges that come with a Composite Door may require a slight adjustment every several years but I am sure this is much more preferable than a timber door which will swell and stick practically every year. One of the most practical advantages Composite Doors have over its competitors is that the glass can be changed.

Other manufacturers press the glass into door, so if the unfortunate happens and the glass gets broken it cannot be replaced.

If you’re looking for a new Exterior Door that fits your budget, then look no further than a HomeFrame Composite Door. With a vast range to select from, in any colour you desire. Our HomeFrame Composite Doors also come with a UAP 3 Star Euro Cylinder, which will ward off any professional burglars and the opportunist burglar won’t stand a chance.

HomeFrame Composite Doors

Installed all over Merseyside

Vault NW Install HomeFrame Composite Doors all over Merseyside, with the choice of Rockdoors to choose from we simply have all angles covered for the door design you choose. As both Rockdoor and Our HomeFrame Composite door come with the same door hinges, door mechanism and a 3 Star Euro cylinders the security of your home won’t be compromised for you and your family. With over 30 years’ experience in the door and window industry, our expert engineers will ensure the installation of your Composite Door will be a smooth, fast and efficient process. Vault NW aims to Supply and Fit your Composite Door within two weeks of your order being placed on a day that is convenient to you. So why not come down to our South Liverpool showroom and choose from the largest selection of Composite Doors in Liverpool? Our warm and welcoming team will be happy to accommodate all of your requests ensuring you select the right door for the right price.


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