Yale 3 Star Platinum

Home security has to be at the top of most peoples to do list. Whether you have just moved house or upgrading an old outdated Euro Cylinder.

The choice of 3 star Euro Cylinders has multiplied 10 fold over the past 2 years, so which one do you choose? At Vault we stock and promote the Yale 3 Star Platinum Euro Cylinder.

It has a horizontal key way which is a visual deterrent to most Burglars. Deterring a burglar has to be better than a failed attempted break in as you will still have to pay for the damage.

If the Euro Cylinder comes under attack the Yale Platinum has met BSI 3 star standard, which will prevent modern attack methods such as Lock Snapping!

At Vault we also cut any extra keys you require, making it convenient for customers to purchase extra keys at the same time.